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Importance of chemical reactions


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Chemical reactions play important roles in our daily activities.

Examples  :

  • cooking
  • burning fuels
  • rusting
  • combustion of fuels in engines
  • photosynthesis
  • respiration
  • digestion
  • decay

Chemical reactions are also important in industries.  Raw materials are used to manufacture useful products.

Example :

Sources of raw materials Raw materials Useful products
Water Water Soap, medicines
Air Nitrogen, carbon dioxide Fertilisers, fire extinguishers
Rocks Sand, clay, limestone Glass, silicon chips, ceramics
Fossil fuels Crude oil, natural gas, coal Plastics, styrofoam (polystyrene), PVC (polyvinylchloride)
Mineral ores Iron ore, aluminium ore Iron, aluminium
Living things Animal skin, cotton Leather goods, clothes

Chemical reactions are also used to provide energy.

Example :

  • electrical energy in electric cells
  • heat energy in burning of fuels
  • kinetic energy from burning of fuels in engine

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