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Changes caused by electricity


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Electricity can produce :

  • heat
    • Electricity can cause an object to become hot.
    • Example : kettle, iron


  • magnetic effect
    • An electric current passing through a piece of iron can give rise to a magnetic effect (electromagnet).

   Click on the picture to learn more about electromagnet


  A simple electromagnet


  • light
    • The tungsten filament in light bulb gets heated up when electric current passes through it.
    • The filament gets so hot that some of the heat energy is converted to light.
    • The electrical energy gets converted to heat energy and light energy.

Click on the picture to learn how light bulb works


  • decomposition (electrolysis)
    • A substance can be broken down into simpler substances by the effect of electricity.
    • The chemical decomposition of substances with the passage of an electric current is known as electrolysis.
    • Example : Electrolysis of water



    • Simple electrolysis of water at home Click to find out

    • Current is passed through the electrodes into the electrolyte.

    • An electrolyte is a solution that allows electric current to flow through because it contains ions.

    • The positive electrode is called anode (will attract anion) and the negative electrode is called cathode (will attract cation).

    • This process is also used in electroplating.


    Click on the picture above to find out how electroplating works


    • Electroplating of copper



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